Exhilarating, compelling, at times harrowing, Very Extremely Dangerous is not like any other documentary you’ll see this year. Irish director Paul Duane (Barbaric Genius) takes a frightening, fascinating journey into the mad world of Jerry McGill, a 1960s rock ‘n’ roller from Memphis who left behind a promising career in music to concentrate his energy on a fully-fledged gun-toting, drug-taking life of crime.

We find him as he emerges from prison years later and, after finding out he has a serious illness, decides to finally record a follow up to his 1959 single, Lovestruck. However McGill is no reformed character, and Duane finds himself on the road with an ex-con seemingly hell-bent on destruction.

  • 1. Where the Rattlesnakes Live1:19
  • 2. Bloody Curtis Cole1:15
  • 3. Money Machine3:08
  • 4. Lorenzos AllNite Lounge0:52
  • 5. Lets Rob the Green Beetle1:29
  • 6. WYBGSL1:13
  • 7. Flea Market1:39
  • 8. Taxi Kept Rollin2:58
  • 9. Sam Cooke is Dead1:50
  • 10. Boggy Bayou 1:01
  • 11. Wrong Rocket Right Banja1:33
  • 12.Sleeping Queen1:32
  • 13. WBJ Spoken 10:55
  • 14. Oture2:49